Tours of the rare Purgatory Chapel

Take the opportunity to visit a rare purgatory chapel that is not normally open to the public.

This space, hidden in the heart of the monastery grounds, is decorated with unusual paintings that have been carefully restored over the years.

What awaits you?

  • You'll see a narrative and beautifully restored mural that literally tells the whole story of Purgatory.
  • You will learn about why and how the cult of Purgatory came about and what the Baroque ideas of the afterlife were.
  • You will learn how the funeral masses were celebrated or what behaviour was expected of the bereaved.
  • You'll hear stories of revenants, souls returning to the living.

Tour capacity is limited, reservations can be made by email:

For groups it is possible to arrange individual tour dates by calling: 727 878 444.

Price of the tour

Základní cena 180 Kč

Snížená cena 150 Kč

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