Pohled na Litomyšl. Náměstí a Zámecké návrší.

For the record: basic information

You must have heard about Litomyšl. But do you know exactly in which district it is located? How many inhabitants does it have? Or when was the town first mentioned in writing?

  • Pardubice Region, Svitavy District
  • 10 429 inhabitants (2019)
  • first written mention in 981 in the Chronicle of Kosmas
  • 20 years on the UNESCO cultural heritage list
  • only two hours from Prague

Mecca of modern architecture

In Litomyšl, history is combined with modern architecture literally at every turn. Can't you imagine? Check out for a report directly from the Castle Hill. Nearly 150 of the most important buildings in the field of architecture and art can be found in the database of the Litomyšl Architectural Manual. There they've mapped them out for you right into seven trails, so just download the maps and go! And if architecture is your love, definitely don't miss a visit to the Archimyšl festival in late September and early October.
Discover architecture in Litomyšl

Eight places you'll love

A walk through Litomyšl is not just a Renaissance castle. On the hilltop you will explore the monuments in which it lives. You will taste the Chateau Litomyšl, walk through the gardens, take photos in the arcades. And where will your steps lead you next? We have prepared a list of places you should definitely not miss!

Guided tour of Litomyšl

Exploring new places on your own? Or do you prefer to have a guide so you don't miss any details? Choose from the tours we have prepared for you or make up your own. We'll arrange the programme so that you get a good experience, not a list of years. And when we discover the hills together? Let's move on to the city tour!
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City of conferences and weddings

In Litomyšl you will not only experience a great trip full of surprises. In the beautiful historic
We also organize weddings, corporate events, concerts or exhibitions. Imagine,
listening to an interesting lecture at a conference in the castle riding hall or saying "I do" in the
in the monastery garden. In the largest conference venue in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bohemia, you will find the
the right space for your event, giving it an extraordinary atmosphere!
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We are a cultural and educational metropolis

It's hard to walk around the square in Litomyšl without bumping into a banner for a concert or exhibition. We pride ourselves on the fact that there is always something going on. Litomyšl has always been a centre of culture and education, so we pride ourselves on organising interesting events where you can not only learn something, but also have fun! What can you look forward to?

Smetanova Litomysl

The largest classical music festival in Bohemia. Smetana's Litomyšl opens every summer. Do you like opera, gala concerts or other instrumental or chamber music? Then don't miss this festival! Czech and international musicians and conductors take turns on stage. And you can observe all the musical bustle of the event with tens of thousands of visitors from the comfort of a deck chair in the garden with a glass of white in your hand!

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Nevěsty před zámkem Litomyšl během svatebního veletrhu.

Wedding Fair Litomyšl

Are you planning a wedding, a celebration, or an important day in the life of your loved ones? Come for inspiration. Every year in the second half of January, the Chateau Hill hosts a fair designed not only for future newlyweds. The latest trends in decorations, banquets and table settings, as well as wedding cake cutting, await you. The event also includes a show of bridal and formal wear, a demonstration of hairdressing magic and a wide range of jewellery, especially wedding rings.

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Education Festival Kick Start Your School

A festival of education that will give you loads of inspiration! Speakers and lecturers not only from the field of education will broaden your horizons and infuse the necessary energy into your veins. At the event you will meet more than 200 teachers and principals from all over the country. Discussions over delicious coffee and cake during a coffee break will definitely go better than over the phone or e-mail. In addition to the lectures and workshops, there is also a marketplace of exhibitors waiting for you. And what's the main thing? In Litomyšl you will relax and recharge your batteries to take your school one step further!

Kick it up a notch

Martin Veselovský při rozhovoru na festivalu vzdělávání Nakopněte svoji školu v Litomyšli.
Otužilci v sudu před muzeem na lázních ducha v Litomyšli.

Spa of the spirit

Even though Litomyšl has a lot to offer, it is still incredibly quiet. Since 2012, it has even been ranked as a spa town! You won't find thermal springs here, but you will find ideal conditions for cleansing your spirit and relieving your everyday worries. We invite you to the annual opening of the spa season, when the town comes alive! Come and enjoy the square full of people in period costumes or the sound of historic cars speeding past.

Enter the spa

Gastroslavnosti with M. D. Rettig

Do you have the famous Home Cookbook on your kitchen shelf? Its author lived in Litomyšl with her husband, who was a councillor here. She gave courses on cooking, housework and writing. At the annual gastroslavnost we won't teach you how to make the best of your home, but you will taste a lot of good food and drink. Every year, experts from the Czech gastro scene come to Litomyšl to show you the latest trends. Be there!

Taste Litomyšl

Příprava broků při akci Gastroslavnosti M. D. Rettigové v Litomyšli.
Miroslav Šik na přednáší na akci Archimyšl v Litomyšli.


The name of the event has certainly given you enough hints about its content. Litomyšl is the mecca of modern Czech architecture and so World Architecture Day is a real feast for us every year! You can take guided tours around the city during Archimyšl or sit in on discussions with famous architects. In addition, you can see all the buildings during a pleasant walk through the city and on the hillside.

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Litomyšl: a city of experiences not only for children

Litomyšl will entertain children! They will learn about history in a way that they will not be able to in the classrooms. And we bet that the maze or the school of knights and court ladies will entertain you too!

Where to entertain the children

You want to enjoy the trip to the full, just like your offspring. And we mean it. An important part of planning city events and creating an ongoing program is making room for fun and sharing together across the age spectrum. Preferably for free, or at family budget-friendly prices. The first choice is clearly Litomyšlení, which will take you on a free and entertaining tour of the most interesting places on Castle Hill.

5 top tips

Děti si hrají v herně v Piaristickém kostele v Litomyšli.
Netradiční zážitek v podobě degustace vína na vyhlídce kostela v Litomyšli

Experience Litomyšl differently

That you don't even think of taking a two-hour dry tour when planning a trip? You are probably looking for a way to experience the originality of the place, soak up the atmosphere and avoid other tourists. We have a solution for you. Based on the wishes of our guests, we have created several original experiences that will leave an impression on you for a lifetime.

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Where to go for sport in Litomyšl?

That after all that exploring history and enjoying the culture, you need to stretch your body? Choose where to take an active break:

Transport and parking

See tips on where to park

Where can you always find a free parking space? The first guaranteed choice is the T.G. Masaryk parking lot, from where it is five minutes to the city centre. Are you more adventurous or do you need to be in the centre of the action? Park directly on Smetana Square, in Jirásekova Street leading to the castle, or next to the Monastery Gardens.

Look at the map

Zaparkované motorky v Litomyšli

Where to stay

Choose from several accommodation options right on the hill. Maybe a music apartment! Or try our two-bedroom apartment with a beautiful view of the Red Tower. And if you want to live closer to the centre? In Litomyšl you will find nice hotels in the city as well.

Where to get something good

You don't just have to discover the sights. It is definitely worth trying all the new tastes that a stay in Litomyšl offers. A glass of Chateau Litomyšl, a candy from a local praline shop or a great dinner in a stylish restaurant? Let yourself taste!

Personalities of Litomyšl

Bedrich Smetana

Bedrich Smetana

The city's most famous native. A genius composer who became famous all over the world, he overcame a serious illness late in life and continued to compose even as a deaf man. A personality who inspired the creation of the National Festival Smetana Litomyšl.

Giovanni Battista Alliprandi

Giovanni Battista Alliprandi

One of the most important Czech Baroque architects. The author of the Piarist Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross and the building of today's regional museum. Close collaborator of Matthias Bernard Braun, who is buried in our town.

Alois Jirasek

Alois Jirasek

The name of a notorious personality of Czech literary history. Jirásek really liked Litomyšl, he stayed here repeatedly during his life and some of his most important works were written here. His trace can still be felt in the town today.

Zdeněk Kopal

Zdeněk Kopal

Litomyšl native, prominent astronomer and astrophysicist. His most important discoveries concern binary stars. This is also the form of the memorial in Litomyšl, which reminds us that Zdeněk Kopal is considered the most important Czech astronomer of the 20th century.

František Lašek

František Lašek

A true renaissance personality who excelled in almost everything she undertook. A doctor, a head physician and later also a mayor, Lašek was loved, respected and honoured by Litomyšlans. During his tenure, Litomyšl experienced an all-round flourishing, but his work went beyond the regional urban character.

Josef Matička

Josef Matička

Solitaire of Czech art whose style influenced by impressionism, expressionism and cubism is unique and original. A painter who lived and died in Litomyšl. His works can be seen in the picture gallery of the Municipal Gallery, which originally bore the artist's name.

Marie Manrique de Lara y Mendoza

Marie Manrique de Lara y Mendoza

It can be said that Litomyšl owes its inscription on the UNESCO list to this Spanish lady. It was for her that Vratislav II of Pernštejn had the Renaissance castle built as a gift of love. Marie repaid him for it, as she was the most prolific Czech noblewoman, giving birth to 21 children during her lifetime.

Božena Němcová

Božena Němcová

Perhaps there is no Czech who does not know the Grandmother of Božena Němcová. This writer was also enchanted by the town of Litomyšl and returned here repeatedly. Her son Karel was born in the town and towards the end of her life she was very intensively supervising the editing and printing of her own works.

Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová

Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová

This great woman is often associated with her Home Cook. A national revivalist who devoted herself to educating girls, books, poetry and cultural events, she didn't speak Czech until she was eighteen! She learned it only after her marriage to the patriot J. A. S. Rettig, with whom she moved to Litomyšl later in life.

Josef Váchal

Josef Váchal

An exceptional personality of the 20th century Czech art scene. His style is unmistakable. In vivid colours he mixes Christian and Eastern mysticism together with beautiful landscapes. Vácha used to visit his Litomyšl friend Josef Portman. Thanks to this, we can admire his work in the memorial called Portmoneum.

Olbram Zoubek

Olbram Zoubek

Author of the posthumous mask of Jan Palach or the Memorial to the Victims of Communism at Petřín. A sculptor who loved Litomyšl and left his imprint on many places in the town. His sculptures decorate not only the Monastery Gardens. More hidden is his work on the sgraffiti of the Litomšl Castle, which he participated in the restoration and refinement of.


Litomyšl miracle - development after 89

Litomyšl is often mentioned in connection with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Václav Havel and a number of important foreign personalities. A great contribution to the town is the continuity of the town's leadership, where despite the change in political preferences of the various post-revolutionary mayors, each has managed to build on and develop the work of his predecessor.

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Ocelová lávka v Chrámu Nalezení sv. Kříže v Litomyšli.

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