With us you get exactly what you need on the table!

Good food and drink is the foundation of any successful event, no matter if it's a small training session or a large conference. We don't run the restaurant ourselves, but that's our advantage. We have gotten to know dozens of different vendors and have learned a lot from them. We can now choose the one that best meets your needs. And that's what you want!

How do we do it to make you happy?

  • We ask a lot of questions. So we know what you want and what you really need.
  • Simple snacks such as coffee breaks and breakfasts we can prepare for you ourselves with our well-knit team.
  • For buffets and lunches, we will help you choose the supplier that best meets your expectations.
    We do not operate a restaurant or have contractors. That's why we are always looking for the best ones for you.
  • You can arrange your own catering and let us do what you don't want to do yourself.
    We can even rent you a kitchen and all the necessary equipment. See how great our kitchen and bar facilities are.
  • We respect your budget.

Non-binding catering inquiry

Ilona Suchá
+420 739 456 356

What do we need to know about you in order to prepare an irresistible offer?

1) What are your ideas and what do you need - lunch, dinner, buffet, coffe breaks. Think about drinks too.

2) How many people will be catered for.

3) How will the food and drinks be served? Buffet, buffet? Will you want a wait staff?

4) What do you want the overall setting to look like? Tables, flowers, lights, music.

5) What is your budget for the event?

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