Organizer service

Whether you're a pro who organises events for a living, or you're about to organise your first ever gig, you can count on us to be here to support you. We are at home in Litomyšl and we know who to call when you need us. Our contacts are your contacts.

We'll give you an office and two people on hand

Coworking Carriage House is a space you can use to prepare your event. A rental manager will be dedicated to your project and our experienced technician will be available throughout the event. These services are already included in the rental price:-)

Non-binding service request

What you need to arrange for your event and you don't even know it yet

We've put together a checklist of the most common services we normally provide. You may think of things you haven't even thought of yet as you read through it. We will be glad if you entrust them to us.

A checklist of the most common activities that an event organizer has to deal with

  • Suitable venues
  • Accommodation
  • Catering and catering equipment
  • Transportation of participants - taxis, minibuses, buses
  • Sound system and sound engineer
  • Lights and illuminator
  • Projection equipment and overhead staff
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Parking
  • Presenter
  • Music production - band, OSA fees
  • Ticket sales
  • Organisation of the dressing room
  • Hostesses / organizing service
  • Fire patrol
  • Navigation to the venue
  • Registration of participants
  • Printing of materials - posters, leaflets, advertising panels
  • Poster printing
  • Advertising on the Internet and in print media
  • Furniture - tables, chairs, exhibition panels, stands
  • Other necessary equipment - technology, printers, monitors
  • Internet connection
  • Cleaning service, waste bins
  • Flowers and room decoration
  • Accompanying programme
  • Gifts
  • Program

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