Evening tour of the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross

A sacrificial table that breathes. A church in which a large laser cross glows. Discover the imposing architecture of the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, which stands out in the evening light. On your tour, see the illuminated sacred installations and discover the story of the Baroque pearl of East Bohemia. The evening view from the church's lookout point is something you will never forget.

The tour also includes an intangible animation called Metropolia, created by Jakub Nepraš.

Highlights of the tour

  • Light laser cross - The largest in the Czech Republic
  • Glowing Sacrificial Table -Have you seen light breathing?
  • Angel's Lookout -The most beautiful view of the UNESCO castle and the town of Litomyšl.
  • Video map of Metropolia by Jakub Nepraš - A fresco in a church doesn't have to be painted :-)


The monumental architecture of the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross inspires respect and reinforces people's faith in looking up to a higher authority.

The intangible animation of "Metropolia" on the ceiling is an amplifier of the dual energy of the big city. The regularly rotating image is full of visual and symbolic rhythms of contemporary cities. It depicts in abstract form the stories and processes that influence it. It hovers like an authority over people's heads, allowing an unusual view of the colossus in which most of us have to function on a daily basis, leaving behind the negative feelings we encounter due to these commonplaces.

The aim of the video-collage is to gain distance and confront the city as a resonating whole. To find in oneself a positive attitude towards the city and the better functioning of contemporary society, so that one does not just become its emaciated servant, but can also recharge oneself from its complex elemental monumentality.

Price of the tour

Základní cena 180 Kč/osoba

Snížená cena 150 Kč/osoba (studenti, ZTP, důchodci)

Minimální cena za prohlídku 1800 Kč

60 minut

  • Sacred light installation
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Modern Art
  • Marek Štěpán
  • Václav Cigler
  • Finding of the Holy Cross

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