The Sheibles

We love it when our clients' eyes shine with happiness! We love it when their wishes and ideas come true!

Simply some of the most beautiful moments on the castle hill ever - happy newlyweds!

Being able to search and find a common "YES" for every bit of the preparations for this wedding was a great pleasure!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me, now in peace and quiet, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful wedding ceremony we had this past Saturday thanks to you. I can't even properly express the words of thanks I have inside me. I would like to thank you for the incredible service I received from Chateau Hill, especially from Mrs. Radrová and the amazing sound engineer, Martin Pelikan. I am very grateful to both of you for your willingness to accommodate my wishes and requests. Thank you to Martin for spending the afternoon with me rehearsing music in the Cathedral and also being present at the wedding rehearsal you made possible in the Cathedral. Thank you both. You can be proud of your work, your actions and your „customer“ attitude. Perhaps every bride is nervous about her upcoming wedding and wishes that everything will work out to her liking. For me, my dreams and fantasies have absolutely come true. And in large part because I had all of you and your amazing attitude on hand. Thank you for that. Thanks to it, we had the perfect wedding (at least for us).

Petra & Pavel Šejblovi