Sushi Factory

"There are no secrets to perfect taste. It's the result of quality preparation, hard work and learning from failure,"
says restaurant manager Jan Horák.
The sushi factory has clear rules
> Our rice is always perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned with salt, sugar and rice vinegar.
> Sushi is served with our soy sauce, which we prepare ourselves. This sauce is mild, with a balanced saltiness to make each type of sushi stand out.
> Gently pickled ginger and always spicy wasabi in the shape of a leaf.
> We cut most of the fish ourselves and source our ingredients from verified suppliers with clear provenance.
> We prefer quality over quantity. The most important factor for us is the freshness and quality of the ingredients.
Combining taste with architecture
The author of the interior is Ing. Akad. arch. Jan Šépka. The design is a continuation of the concept applied by the HŠH studio in the project Revitalisation of the Castle Hill, when laminate was used as the dominant material in the building of the Coach House. It is the laminate, concrete and stainless steel, together with the admitted air conditioning system, that underline the character of the restaurant. It's a Factory!
Open Thursday to Saturday, 11 am - 9 pm.
774 344 810

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