Birthplace of Bedřich Smetana

The year is 1824, right from the door of the chateau brewery a child's crying can be heard. The voice belongs to the first surviving son of the local brewer František Smetana...

Just a few steps away from the castle is the castle brewery, the ground floor of which welcomed one of the greatest greats of Czech music into life. Today, visitors can recall the composer's childhood and experience the atmosphere of the Smetana household. In a small world or a magnificent room, you can have a glimpse into the life of the family, into some important events and discover their reflection in Smetana's work. Among the exhibits on display are a number of items from Bedřich Smetana's personal possessions. Also in this place you will find a part of the Litomyšl family programme, this time under the title Why Wouldn't We Enjoy.

The exhibition can be viewed independently or you can book a guided tour. Smetana's birthplace is managed by the Regional Museum in Litomyšl.

The name of Bedřich Smetana is inseparably linked with the National Smetana Festival Litomyšl, which every year for almost a month enlivens the courtyard of the complex and honours the famous native. During the breaks of the individual programmes, the birthplace is open to visitors of the festival.

Do you want to get to know other places connected with the great man, see where Bedřich's father worked and what it looks like today? Join us for a guided tour of your choice!

The name of the world famous composer and his father's profession were inspired by the nearby Veselka microbrewery, where they continue the tradition of brewing beer near the castle. Here, Bedřich's Eleven is given the greatest care . The stylish packaging of this exceptional beer is a popular souvenir of a visit to Litomyšl.

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Birthplace of Bedřich Smetana



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