Coworking in a small town? Yes!

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Litomyšl wants to break another taboo that coworking is only for big cities. On 1 October, within Archimyšl, it opened its new coworking centre Kočárovna. This creates a place for free work, startups, lectures, networking and entrepreneurial opportunities.

We are familiar with coworking centres from cities such as Prague and Brno. It is not quite usual for them to be established in small towns like Litomyšl. "We have very skilful and entrepreneurial people who have good ideas and work freelance from home or from cafes. We want to create a space for them where they will have everything they need to work, get inspired and develop their projects." says David Zandler, director of Castle Hill. The term coworking appeared in 2005 in San Francisco. In the Czech Republic, the first such centres started to appear in 2009. So quite soon. And now in Litomyšl. In beautiful surroundings, overlooking the castle. In the premises of a former coach house. It is a shared space where people can work on their projects or get inspired at various lectures or presentations. The author of the interior design, which follows the concept applied by the HŠH studio in the project Revitalization of the castle hill, is Ing . Akad. arch. Jan Šépka. There is nothing missing in the Carriage House that you need to work. There is internet, colour printer with scanner, desks, relax zone, meeting room, kitchen, small stationery shop with office supplies. "And we make pretty good coffee." David Zandler smiles and invites, "In the fall, we're planning a lecture series called Park the Carriage House. Tomas Hajzler - promoter of free enterprise, Pavel Kraemer - director of the Institute of Innovative Education, Linda Nezhybová - internet nomad and Petr Drahoš - freelance graphic designer have accepted our invitation." Startups belong to coworking. Startup is a term referring to an emerging project or a start-up company, often still in the phase of creating a business plan. "We are very interested in startups. That's why we want to give space for project presentations with the opportunity for feedback from the audience right before each lecture in the autumn. Just send your project to our email and we'll get back to you." Entices entrepreneur David Zandler.

Fall program:

Park the Carriage House Lecture Series. Starting always at 6 p.m. Admission is voluntary.

27/10 - Linda Nezhybová

A digital nomad will talk about what it's like to travel and make money online doing what one enjoys and loves. She will take us step by step through how to become a digital nomad.

10/11 - Pavel Kraemer

He founded the Institute for the Promotion of Innovative Education, which connects and supports various alternative streams in education. And that's what he's going to talk about.

24/11 - Tomas Hajzler

Promoter of freedom at work. The way to live is to go to jobs we hate to earn money for things we don't need, and thereby make it up to the people we despise. That's how most of our people live. Or, you can bail and make your life much more to the preferences and needs of you and your loved ones. He wants to talk about how he lives it.

8/12 - Petr Drahoš

He'll ask you 30 non-graphic questions he'd like to hear before every project. Together with you he wants to search for 30 answers. Key questions include. How? What?

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