The castle hill in Litomyšl is calling for help

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Why we need your help

Like the rest of the world, we have been hit by a coronavirus pandemic. Overnight, we lost a large part of our income. Events stopped, no one stayed with us and we had to close the Church of the Holy Cross to tourists. Now everything is on track, but even though we are saving where we can, we are still short of money in the budget for the period when we had to close everything.

Unfortunately, as a contributory organisation, we are not entitled to state compensation. Like other companies, we cannot apply for compensation for staff salaries. And unfortunately, the city of Litomyšl also lacks money.
We are in danger of having to lay off employees, cancel traditional events and reduce opening hours.
We need your help. We don't want donations from you, but it will be enough if you help us earn the money we need honestly.

How have you already helped us? Watch the video from Day 114

How can you still help us?

Buy a ticket

Take a trip to Litomyšl and buy a ticket to the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross. If at least 20,000 of you do, our problem will cease to exist. If you are from far away, you can also buy an electronic ticket and it will be valid until the end of next year. This trip is definitely worth it, and you'll be helping us out tremendously.

Please buy your ticket

Host an event with us

We have an amazing venue for hire on Castle Hill. We can host weddings, conferences, training sessions, corporate parties and concerts. Tell the people who organise events about us. They definitely don't know about us and you can help us change that.

Rent our space

Share us on social media and make your own invitation video

Follow our website and please share our posts. We don't have the money for expensive advertising right now, but with your help, the whole world can learn about us.

>> Make your own video with an invitation to Litomyšl and share it on social networks. See who has already made a video and how you can make your own.

Share this video on social networks - repeatedly :-)

Stay with us

Our organisation also runs accommodation on Castle Hill. UNESCO apartment and accommodation for Hubička. Come on a trip and stay with us.

Stay with us

Please support the Castle Hill.

Follow the director's personal appeal

I've decided to combine saving our budget with a personal challenge. I'm going to go for a swim in the creek every morning and for every ticket sold, I'll stay there for one second. I figure that if you really come up with 20k, I'm looking at a total of over 5.5 hours of cold swimming this year. And I'll make a video of each one to update you on what's happening on the hill. Please come to Litomyšl and buy a ticket. You will help us a lot.
David Zandler - director of the organization

Would you like to join me and swim with me in the morning? Email or call me: 777 100 897,
I'll be looking forward to it :-)

Link to >> Nova TV report:

Link to cable TV report >>

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130. DAY 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11,333 left)

DAY 129 with TV Nova's Petr Brzek 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11,333 left)

128th DAY 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 333 left)

127. DEN 6 tickets = 6 seconds (11 333 left)

126. DAY 1 ticket = 1 second (11 339 remaining)

125. DAY 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 340 remaining)

124. DAY 40 tickets = 40 seconds (11 340 remaining)

123. DEN S Katka Klejchová 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 380 remaining)

122. DEN 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 380 remaining)

121st DAY 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 380 remaining)

120. DEN 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 380 remaining)

119. DAY 1 ticket = 1 second (11 380 remaining)

118th DAY with Katka Klejchová and Honza Pospíšil 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 381 left)

117. DEN 53 tickets = 53 seconds (11 381 left)

116th DAY 65 tickets = 65 seconds (11 434 left)

115. DEN with Katka Klejchová 0 tickets = 0 seconds (11 499 left)

114. DEN 5 tickets = 5 seconds (11 499 left)

113. DEN 15 tickets = 15 seconds (11 504 left)

112. DAY 7 tickets = 7 seconds (11 489 remaining)

111. DAY 35 tickets = 35 seconds (11,511 remaining)

110. DAY 70 tickets = 70 seconds (11,546 remaining)

109. DAY 75 tickets = 75 seconds (11 616 remaining)

108. DAY 14 tickets = 14 seconds (11,691 remaining)

107. DAY 30 tickets = 30 seconds (11 705 remaining)

106. DEN with Jan Čech 20 tickets = 20 seconds (11 735 left)

105. DEN 23 tickets = 23 seconds (11 755 left)

104. DEN 80 tickets = 80 seconds (11 778 remaining)

103. DEN with Minnie 59 tickets = 59 seconds (11,858 left)

102. DEN with Jan Škeřík 61 tickets = 61 seconds (11 917 left)

101. DEN with Jan Škeřík 56 tickets = 56 seconds left (11 978)

100. DEN with Pavel Boštík, Martin Dvorak, Jan Škeřík, David Šimek, Jan Smejkal, Jaroslav Karlík, Marek Will, Michal Vodehnal, Martin Švec 38 tickets = 38 seconds left (12 034 remaining)

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