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Come see behind the scenes of the hotel, meet the operators or just spend a romantic night in your city at a discounted price.

The doors will be open wide for Hotel Night!

The aim of the event, organised annually by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, is to thank the locals and introduce them to the business of Czech hoteliers. This year, the Night of Hotels will take place on Friday 28 January and 184 hotels across the country will take part.

Book your Night of Hotels at Chateau Hill

Every year, Chateau Hill accommodates hundreds of guests who choose from several accommodation options.

Modern interiors have been built into the historic former castle brewery building with a minimalist design that lets pure natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, glass or leather shine through.


For a very friendly price you can stay in the city centre in two to four-bedded rooms with bathrooms, kitchen and lounge on the floor.


Hotel rooms offer the comfort of private bathrooms and views from the roof of the brewery or the castle sgraffito.


Called UNESCO and Hubička, they are ideal for families or groups who want their privacy in the kitchen as well.

Take advantage of discounted bed and breakfast deals on Single Night Hotels. Invite friends for a trip to Litomyšl or enjoy the city yourself as if you were here for the first time!


In the offer of the Pardubice Region you will discover the rooms and apartments of the Castle Hill that are still available.

Sneaking around and interesting facts from the hotel operation

And because part of the Night of Hotels is also about uncovering the behind-the-scenes, we invite you to explore the facilities and services of Chateau Hills. Did you know you'll find stylish accommodation, large and small meeting spaces, co-working, meeting rooms or a café at the reception?


At the Hilltop you can organise weddings, family and corporate celebrations or gatherings of friends with a barbecue in the beautiful courtyard. Do you have your venue but lack tables, chairs and a projector? Do you need sound and lighting for your event?

We can help you with all of that. We have everything a proper event needs - furniture, utensils, sound and lighting equipment.

Come and meet our great team of people who can tailor-make any event.


The Riding Hall is a very variable space where conferences, lectures, concerts, fashion shows on the long catwalk or African markets can be held. The night of the hotels, however, deserves stars over its head. How lucky to have Martin Pelikan as a member of the team, who knows how to work magic with lights and give the venues new dimensions. The play of light installations will be on display throughout the evening.


The guided tour is rightly called "Stalking." Does the door say not to enter? Let's go check it out! David Zandler and Helenka Hendrychová will guide you through all the buildings on the hillside. We'll visit the Castle Brewery, the Riding School, the Coach House and the Piarist Church. You may be surprised to discover that behind the historic facades there are unsuspected modern interiors and technologies.

We start at 6 pm in the Info Centre of the Castle Brewery.

There are limited places on the tour, so you'd better reserve yours by submitting this form:



Throughout the evening you will be able to take a look at the free rooms and common areas of the hotel and hostel, located on the upper floors of the Castle Brewery.

Drop by the Reception and our hotel guide will take you through.


At 7:30 pm, we will meet in the Arched Hall of the Castle Brewery to recall how Castle Hill was born.

Between 2011 and 2014, the houses and public spaces on Olivet Hill underwent extensive renovation. 11 buildings were repaired, the forecourt and the Piarist church opened to the public after 40 years. It was the largest investment in the modern history of the town. Do you remember what the place used to look like?

And that's when the Chateau Hills organization was founded. David Zandler, its director, will tell you what changes it has undergone since then and what it is today.

Gastro specialties from Nachut Food Truck

Martin Dvořák, who also likes to park his yellow Nachut Food Truck bus at Chateau Hill, will be part of the Open Evening.

You can look forward to fine delicacies, proper burgers and good drinks.

And we look forward to seeing you!

Friday, January 28 at the Castle Brewery.

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