Wondering where to go on a trip? Enjoy a gastronomic weekend in Litomyšl

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Whether you're planning a romantic trip for two, a trip with the kids, a coworking stay or a trip to see art with a group of friends, picturesque Litomyšl is the right choice for you. Discover the beauty of the historic centre full of culture, entertainment and gastronomic experiences. We will be happy to welcome you in our accommodation on the Castle Hill, where you can relax and recharge your batteries for the next day. The premises of the Hill are a unique combination of history, comfort and stylish design. The location right in the city centre is also a great advantage.

Gastro tips for everyone

Are you a foodie who likes to discover new places and taste local specialities on the go? Litomyšl will be a paradise on earth for you. To make your choice easier, we've prepared a guide to the best places you can find in Litomyšl and its surroundings. In which restaurant will you start your gastronomic weekend?

Where to go for breakfast

A quiet morning topped off with a delicious breakfast at the Dvorek café, doesn't that sound great? The Dvorek is the result of the work of the Škeřík siblings, who also successfully run a sister business, Kafemysl, in Litomyšl and are, in a word, heartthrobs. Dvorek offers delicious homemade breads, spreads, homemade croissants, cakes and many other goodies. Apart from the food and the first-class coffee, this place will delight you with its warm atmosphere and the interior, which is fine-tuned to the last detail. The fact that Dvorek is the right place for your breakfast was confirmed by Lukáš Hejlík, who included it in his Gastromap.

Another café where you will enjoy breakfast is BOBO café. It is a beautiful place with a view of the greenery and the possibility of outdoor seating. Families with children will be pleased to know that it is located near the children's playground by the Loučná River. At breakfast you will be able to listen not only to the happy children running around, but also to the soothing sound of the water. And that's what we call balance! In the BOBO café you can enjoy great coffee, homemade cakes and even toast.

Where to go for lunch or dinner

If you decide to follow in the footsteps of Lukáš Hejlík's Gastromap, you will have a choice of main courses at the Havran Café Steak Bar, U Kolji Restaurant and Bohém Restaurant. At Havran Café Steak Bar, you'll mainly enjoy steaks and sushi. In warm weather, you'll also appreciate the terrace with its landscaped garden, where lunch and dinner are a breeze. Another interesting place is the restaurant U Kolji, where you can enjoy specialties of (not only) Ukrainian cuisine. You can try not only traditional borscht, pelmeni and varenyky, but also modern gastronomy in the foreground with fish, veal or pheasant.

Last but not least, the Bohemian Restaurant, located in the Hotel Aplaus, is worth a visit. You will be able to settle down in the lounge, the café-bar Muuza or on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Monastery Gardens. What makes this place special, you ask? Bohém Restaurant offers visitors the highest quality service in a very stylish and elegant setting. It can provide both formal and informal spaces, making it the perfect choice not only for lunch and dinner, but also for social gatherings over wine or wedding receptions.

Another great choice for lunch or dinner is Veselka Restaurant, which specializes in Czech cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, there is also one of the smallest breweries in the Pardubice Region, where you can taste the excellent Bedřich's eleven, twelve or specials according to the current offer. All the offered beers are also proud of the "made in Litomyšl" label . Would you like to try brewing your own beer? Arrange in advance with the brewer.

Do you want to go somewhere for the lunch menu? Bet on the restaurant Rettigovka. It's a social enterprise where disabled people try to realize and integrate. It refers to M.D. Rettig, a Litomyšl native and famous cook. Here you can expect Czech cuisine, honest ingredients and portions.

Fast food

Would you like to enjoy something but don't want to go from restaurant to restaurant? Head to the square, where you'll find the famous Beef Burger stand opposite the town hall tower! Here you will find a great place for burger lovers, especially those who love burgers made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. You can choose from the classic burger with meat, as well as interesting alternatives without meat, with cheese or with mushrooms. Although the stand is without seating, there are plenty of nice places to enjoy your meal in the area. The nearest benches can be found in the arcade, but we'd recommend a walk to nearby Toulovec Square or to the river at Vodní Valy. Beef Burger is another place that rightfully belongs in the L. H. Gastromap.

American yellow bus in Litomyšl? You might be surprised, but it is possible. Nachut Food Truck is an original bistro in an American school bus that you should definitely not miss in Litomyšl. The whole project is run by two friends who have combined their love for food, travel and working with people. The bus is usually parked in the park near Smetana House, but it can also move around the city. So you'd better check their Facebook page for the current location at the time of your visit. The Nachute Food Truck's staples are delicious burgers, hot dogs, home fries, seasonal sweet treats and drinks. If you're lucky, you'll also come across a grill in front of the stand, where the owners throw ribs, cheese or even trout on from time to time. A big bonus is that not only meat lovers, but also vegetarians or vegans can eat here.

Litomyšl specialties

If you want to taste something special, stop by the delicate meat from the Farmhouse Sale. You can visit this place every Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm and believe me, it will be worth it. Lukas Hejlik himself described it in his report as "the most perfect farm shop we have ever visited". Sale from the Farm is a family-run farm that prides itself on ethical treatment of animals, kindness and high quality. You can buy their own meat production and other food from selected vendors just a few kilometres from Litomyšl in the picturesque village of Sloupnice.

Do you love cheese of all kinds? Visit the Litomyšl Cheese Factory, located just off the square next to the post office. At first glance, the small shop offers Dutch cheeses, desserts made from real cream without any chemical additives and various types of quality wine.
Speaking of wine, we can't forget the wine shop Chateau Cellars, where you can drop in for a variety of tastings or buy bottled or cask wine according to the offer. The wine shop is self-service and open during the day only. The Chateau Cellar also includes an exhibition of sculptures by Olbram Zoubek and Hearts for Václav Havel.

Another famous Litomyšl specialty is pralines from Chocco café. You will be able to choose from various flavours and fillings of pralines, as well as other desserts. Pralines can also be a perfect gift from Litomyšl. You can bring your loved ones from your travels, for example, a chocolate CD of Bedřich Smetana or a box full of pralines of your choice.

Tips for vegetarians and vegans

Do you prefer a plant-based diet and don't know where to go for it in Litomyšl? On weekdays, head to the Oáza zdraví canteen for a lunch menu, which offers not only vegan and vegetarian, but also gluten-free dishes. In addition to the canteen, Oasis of Health also has a shop selling basic plant-based foods. A great advantage of the establishment is the friendly price. During the working week, you can also enjoy a healthy plant-based meal at the Bowlito bistro. Here, you can either choose a bowl or burrito from combinations created by the chef, or you can mix and match your own dishes within the range of ingredients. Unlike Oasis of Health, Bowlito is open until 6pm, making it suitable for lunch as well as dinner.

Where to go for coffee or dessert

If we go back to Lukáš Hejlík's Gastromap mentioned above, we find that coffee, homemade cakes and other seasonal specialties in Litomyšl are dominated by Kafemysl. The first venture of Jan Škeřík, barista of the year 2017, which soon gained great popularity and support not only among locals but also foreign visitors. As with its sister café, Dvorek, you can count on a stylish interior - this time starring handmade Tileme tiles from Slovakia. Kafemysl always displays one of the paintings by Litomyšl painter Kamil Kopecký, which is also for sale. You can sit here both inside and in the garden in the arcade.

Another place where you can enjoy coffee and cakes is the already mentioned Chocco café, located on Smetana Square. The famous delicacy of this café and praline shop is the so-called povidloň. Apart from the variety of desserts and pralines, you will be delighted by the unique interior of this place, which features a beamed painted ceiling. At Chocco café, you can enjoy your purchased treats not only inside and in the arcade, but also on the terrace with parasols. BOBO café, which we have described in the context of breakfast tips, offers similarly pleasant seating and delicious homemade cakes.

Have you ever tasted the combination of ice cream and waffles? You can indulge in the iconic ice cream in a waffle in Mariánská Street, which is famous for the so-called soaker, a historical feature with running water that was used to soak laundry in the past. Although Fisk's Ice Cream is a small place, there are no limits to the imagination. You can top your BubbleWaffle with lollipops, tubes, sprinkles, toppings and other sweet accessories. You can also take advantage of the adjacent seating area on the garden loungers, or contemplate your treat in the adjacent 1ar(t) garden.

Where to go for a drink

Are you planning to stroll through Litomyšl in the evening and end the route with a good wine? Stop by the U Mydláře wine shop, which offers first-class wines from a range of Moravian wineries. While in winter you can warm up by the fireplace, in summer you can enjoy your wine in the outdoor garden surrounded by greenery.
Would you like a refreshing cocktail in addition to the wine? The Café Bar Muuza, located in front of the Aplaus Hotel, is the right choice. You will be tempted not only by great Czech and foreign wines, but also by mixed drinks and, above all, by the pleasant atmosphere. If you fancy a "one orosené", head to the aforementioned Veselka microbrewery. Another place worth visiting for a beer, wine or drink is the Na Sklípku pub, which has a nice courtyard and summer seating in the beautiful Josef Váchal Street, or the Galerie Garáž bar.

Where to stay in Litomyšl

Have you ever stayed in a UNESCO monument or woken up with a view of the courtyard? Take a look at the different types of accommodation with us at Chateau Hill and experience something special. Within our grounds, you can choose from hotel, hostel, classic apartment or low-cost loft rooms.

At the homey Chateau Brewery Hotel, you can stay in a single, double or triple room. Wheelchair accessible accommodation is also available. The rooms are decorated with natural materials and therefore look very cosy. Alternatively, the spacious Unesco apartment can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. Will you be travelling with children, a group of friends or are you looking for a suitable place for a corporate workshop? You won't go wrong with the Unesco Apartment.

If you're looking for affordable accommodation and you're also looking for peace and privacy, the Zámecký pivovar hostel is the ideal choice for you. Accommodation at the Zámecký pivovar hostel is a great compromise between price and service. Another type of accommodation we offer is the aptly named Za Hubičku. The accommodation Za Hubičku will be an obvious choice for a group of teenagers or a large family. Interestingly, it is located at the same address as the birthplace of Bedřich Smetana. Are you interested in what other forms of accommodation we provide? Read more about accommodation in Litomyšl.

Still not sure how to plan your trip?

If you have any additional questions (not only) on the topic of gastronomic weekend, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you via our email address info@zamecke-navrsi.cz or the phone numbers you can find on our website. You can read a lot of useful information about planning a trip to Litomyšl in the "I'll take a trip" section or in the blog article about affordable experiences. We are also active on social media - Facebook and Instagram. If you need help on the spot, visit the castle's information centre, from which you can expect excellent coffee and a children's corner in addition to tips, souvenirs and maps.

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